Is your WordPress site slow?

We at PowerWAF CDN have created the dynamic content cache, which decreases the generation time of your pages to only 15 milliseconds.

Sign up for a PowerWAF plan or start a free trial and our technical support team will help you with the necessary configurations to make your website fly through the roof, without the need to change your hosting provider.

How does it work?

When your website is first visited, we store a copy on our server. Then, when another person or a search engine visits your site, PowerWAF CDN displays the copy it has stored. This only takes a few milliseconds so the response is very fast.

Your users will appreciate it and your search engine rankings will boost.

PowerWAF will periodically update the cached version of your website so it will always be up to date with the latest changes you make.

You also get protection against all types of cyber-attacks, including DDOS attacks.

Protection against cyber-attacks and data theft. Protection against DDoS attacks and OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities.

We operate servers in the United States, Chile, Germany and Spain among other countries to ensure fast distribution of your content.

Technical support by email or chat. With PowerWAF you will not be alone.

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