Configuring the CNAME record in cPanel

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to link a site with PowerWAF CDN by creating the CNAME record on a domain hosted on a cPanel based hosting.

cPanel provides a tool called DNS Zone Editor AAAA, CAA, DMARC, TXT, SRV that allows each user to modify the DNS records of their domain, but this tool is disabled in most hosting providers.

For this reason, to set up the CNAME record in cPanel, it is necessary to ask the hosting provider for help.

Configure the record in WHM

If you are a hosting provider or if you have access to the WHM control panel, the procedure to add the CNAME record is as follows:

  1. Open your WHM control panel and select “DNS Zone Manager” as in the following image:

2. Select the domain to be modified and press “Manage”:

3. Select the site you need to modify from the list (in our example it is and press the “Edit” button:

4. Select the CNAME record type and fill in the requested data:

Bear in mind that:

  • TTL should be 600 seconds
  • The CNAME record value shown here is just an example. You should use the one shown in your list of protected sites, and when you enter it into WHM it should end in a dot.

It can take up to four hours after the modification to become effective. This is the propagation time of the DNS record change.